Faith over Fear

“I’m going to get him this time!”

The little girl thought to herself as she sat his cup down, and turned to tip-toe away.

Trying not to giggle she turned back quickly. “Got you!” She blurted.

Great-Grandpa had “got” her playfully many times before but this time Grandpa didn’t sit up, he didn’t get her, his tummy wasn’t moving.

She didn’t say a word. They had to get back to pick brother up from school. Buckled up in the back of that station wagon the little girl mustered up the words, “Momma Grandpa’s tummy wasn’t moving.”

“Are you sure?” Mom hoped the young girl was wrong.

On the way home the little girl learned just how deafening silence could be. And a call that evening confirmed she wasn’t wrong.

This is part of my story.

Death became something feared and sleep became something watched over. Every. Single. Night. Once I thought all were asleep I’d peer into every room watch and wait for tummies to move. Then and only then could I truly rest. This continued far longer than I care to admit. But praise be to God death is no longer something feared.

When you’re secure in your tomorrow. Today doesn’t seem so frightening.

How? One of the disciples asked Jesus a similar question and his response is in John 14:6:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

I, once so frightened and lived in extreme fear, was given peace and hope. My life was able to transform from fear to freedom through faith in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow will come for all of us. The question is where are you going to spend it?

  1. On Earth in this vessel of our sin prone flesh and fallen world.
  2. Eternally with your Creator through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  3. Or eternally absent of Him in hell.

If you are reading this you still have the opportunity to choose. I’d be happy to text/ or private message with you about questions.

Prayer: In July we remember freedom in America Father. As we do some walk in fear. Help us remember and learn more about the freedom brought to us by our Savior and Lord, Your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us have faith over fear. 

About Kelly Harris

Mother of two, care-taker of many, with a passion for faith, family, and friends. Blessed beyond measure to journey together in this thing called life along side my High School sweetheart, Dustin.
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1 Response to Faith over Fear

  1. Andrea Hunter says:

    Beautiful as always Kelly! This world is so blessed to have you in it!

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