Wash Their Feet

Our talk started early Thursday my children and I 
about God’s Son Jesus, how He rose again and died.
First I asked them what it was they knew.
Each surprised me a little with what they knew as true.

The best part of our walk was the questions their seeking hearts did ask
when I shared a few more parts of the real Easter story past.
For many days I had been grieving to God, all the things we’d lost,
from lives too togetherness, this virus comes great with cost.

But humbly at His beckoning with much time alone in prayer,
focus shifted to the Father and the opportunities available there.
I asked, “How can the Spirit in me my children’s deepest needs meet?”
Please forgive me Father that I doubted; You had me wash their feet.

Music was playing at each side of me sat a chair,
invited them to join me then asked them to remember Jesus in silent prayer,
between them a water basin and with two towels I knelt there,
socks removed, pants rolled up to assure feet and calves were bare,
washed and dried four feet; an experience to no other can compare,
when John 13: 1-17 was read and the Holy Spirit moved to share,
my gratefulness for the Lord, my love of Him that next to Jesus and their Daddy they and their future have my affection and care.

Oh Father, my boast is in You Lord for this most beautiful affair.

There is no doubting God’s will this day was done.
For the beauty that unfolded shows Love for the Risen One!
As the tears began to dry and I settled in a seat
a little voice inquired, “Momma, may we wash your feet?”

I will admit there were little giggles and many big grins,
But it was a beautiful moment and I count it as God’s win.
After it all neither understood what moved their emotions so,
I told them the Holy Spirit deep inside just made faith and love grow.

How is it Father such love I do not deserve?
Your faithfulness amazes me Lord and the healing power of Your Word.
So here I am once again. Day by day more amazed.
At all You are doing Lord. May You alone be praised!

About Kelly Harris

Mother of two, care-taker of many, with a passion for faith, family, and friends. Blessed beyond measure to journey together in this thing called life along side my High School sweetheart, Dustin.
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4 Responses to Wash Their Feet

  1. Grandma/Grandpa says:

    That shook me a bit. You do such good work.

  2. Mariana Mckenzie says:

    Simply beautiful!

  3. Andrea Hunter says:

    How humbling and beautiful!

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