A Father’s Day to Remember

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s in my life! But this Father’s Day is extra special for one Dad I know. His baby girl will be baptized today and I know he couldn’t feel anymore blessed!

For anyone who is grieving this day. Either because of the loss of a child or a loss of your Father, know that the Lord is with you and He see’s you.

I wrote this for my girl today.

“That’s My Girl”

Haley Mae Harris is her name
Mom calls her Hot Shot
Energetic and always on the move
One of her Daddy’s little bear cubs
She’s quick to see a need in others
She’s caring and helpful too

There are many nick names we call her
Like Happy and Huggable
And sometimes Hurricane too
But this day Lord,
she’ll announce to the world
she belongs to You.

We get to call her our
Sister in Christ now
And the tears they start to flow
It is so beautiful
to watch her character grow!
It’s an honor Lord,
to guide and watch and see
this treasure that You gave to us
Learn what You call her
and who You’d have her be

You say she is: Chosen
Chosen by name
You say she is: A Beautiful
Worthy Masterpiece
You call her: Dearly Loved
Purposed and so much more!

Lord we pray with wings of faith
she gets to soar
That she longs to love You
more and more and more.

But most of all Lord
as she finds her purpose
in this world
I pray she has peace in knowing
You say,
“That’s My girl!”


About Kelly Harris

Mother of two, care-taker of many, with a passion for faith, family, and friends. Blessed beyond measure to journey together in this thing called life along side my High School sweetheart, Dustin.
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