Independently Dependent

Greetings All,

I hope this post finds everyone well and experiencing God in some intimate way. Earlier this week I had surgery. And in the weeks prior the Lord had laid these words on my mind though they did not move to my pen till the morning of the procedure.

Truth be told, mortality is something we all can be facing. Sometimes the battle isn’t illness by obvious means, it could be depression, it could be something silent, it could be cancer, or old age. Truth is we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I believe that through the blood of Jesus Christ my sins are forgiven and if today were my last, I would live on with Him. How about you?

If you cannot make this claim of a secure eternity I invite you to talk to someone who can answer any questions you may have.


I face my mortality today.
I’m staring my fragility in the face.
I’m not feeling like I should run away.
No Lord, just that I should trust and pray.

This isn’t something I “wanted” to do.
But Lord, it’s what You’ve brought me to.
I’m not feeling afraid or confused,
No Father, just to abibe in You.

Make me independently dependent, please.
Take this load and all my burdens ease.
I feel Your presence Father, I’m holding Your hand.
Lord, Your goodness, Grace,and mercies, never cease.

Do as You must Lord. I pray Your will be done.
You’ve ran every race I’ve ever run.
Though Your ways may not be my idea of fun.
Be still my heart Lord, Your will be done.

I know all is done for Your glory.
Your with each of us, You’ve penned every story.
Oh Father, You know my heart! You know for them I worry!
Jesus, Jesus, oh Jesus,
may they know my experience is Your glory!!!

Father, make them independently dependent, please.
Take their load and all their burdens ease.
Father, may they feel Your presence and cling to Your hand.
Even if they don’t understand.
Lord, Your goodness grace and mercies never cease.

Independently Dependent on the Spirit Alive in me.
His goodness, grace, and mercies are hard to see.
I Trust Him and Him alone for them and me.
Father may we yearn to be, Independently Dependent on Thee!

…. In His Service, for His Glory!

Kelly Harris

About Kelly Harris

Mother of two, care-taker of many, with a passion for faith, family, and friends. Blessed beyond measure to journey together in this thing called life along side my High School sweetheart, Dustin.
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4 Responses to Independently Dependent

  1. Brenda says:

    I loved this so much that I wanted to print it…
    Blessings, Brenda

  2. Karinda says:

    Thanks for your words–I always enjoy your posts! There is power in this poem for me right now–right now our life has taken an unexpected turn, and I want to run and hide. Thank you for so beautifully reminding me there is a different and better way.

  3. Debbie Willhite says:

    Thank you for such beautiful words!

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