Lasting Love

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.

1 Peter 3:8 (NKJV)

Some of the best memories from Boggess Catfish Ponds were of the people. So many different people.

Old and young from all walks of life, graced us with their business. Most we would see on a monthly basis if not more. I loved just listening to and watching people. I gleaned much from them.

There were two elderly couples I adored. The Schneider’s and the Carr’s. Both couples had been married an extensive number of years… Both Mr.Carr and Mr. Schneider wore overalls, thick glasses, and baseball caps.

Mr.Carr would fish anywhere… His location on the bank did not matter to him. Mr. Schneider fished in the same spot every time he came and came at the same time every time… Sunday mornings an hour before we officially opened… Dad let them in.

I had a special assignments with both couples.

I manned the net for the Schneider’s. They sat when they fished… And needed help close to the water. This gave me the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Schneider. Picture a typical German woman in her early 80’s… That smoked cigars and claimed to be a pilot…

With the Carr’s my assignment was to keep the cats away from Mr. Carr. He was deathly afraid of cats and we had upwards of 20 roaming the ponds. He stood well over 6ft tall… This gave me time with Mrs. Carr. Picture an African American lady standing a good two feet shorter than Mr.Carr. And had a “tiny” voice…

I watched how these couples interacted. The men carried most everything in and set their ladies up before tending to their own. They looked adoringly and joked lovingly between each other. They had laughter together. I recall instances for both couples where they laughed so much they cried.

Despite Mr. Carr’s crippling fear of cats, and Mr. Schneider’s continual mundane consistency. I never recall either of the ladies begrudgingly trailing their husbands. I never recall the husbands ever placing himself first. I admired that love they had between each other.

For several weeks I’ve been meditating on 1 Peter 3. If I’m honest I was stuck. Submission still, in one way or another, sounds like failure, especially if I fail to see the full scope of Peters words. The lasting love that is found when we choose submission to Gods will has eternity in mind.


Father, so many are under attack today. Our marriages, our families, our children. May we all proceed with a like mind to love one another.

About Kelly Harris

Mother of two, care-taker of many, with a passion for faith, family, and friends. Blessed beyond measure to journey together in this thing called life along side my High School sweetheart, Dustin.
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